Cat Massage Roller


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Your cat loves to be pampered, and he has every right to have a splendid spa experience. Get the Cat Massage Roller to become your cat’s personal masseur. Most cats love having their face and head rubbed and kneaded and your cat deserves a royal treatment too. You can use the multifunctional full-body cat massager for massaging different parts of your cat’s body, including abdomen, legs, face, and so on. With the twin rollers affixed to the ergonomically designed massagers, it’s easy to place the cute-looking rollers on both sides of your cat’s face and soothe her with a massage that he really deserves. The cat massage roller is perfect for dogs too, but it’s cuter with cats :)

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Smooth surface and pet-friendly roller design prevent pet’s hair from tangling and cause no pain
  • Improves blood circulation in different parts of the body, especially in the neck area, face, stomach, and legs
  • Simply put the massage roller where your cat wants and roll it gently back and forth
  • As your pet gets relaxed, she will trust you more and your bonding will get stronger with time
  • Perfect for any kind of pet, including cats, dogs, and kittens

Package Includes

1 x Cat Massager (With Wheel Roller)

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS + plastic
  • Colors: rose red, blue
  • Size: 9.65*1.77 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the product safe and durable?
The product is made of ABS plastic which does not break down too easily and does not percolate any harmful substances or chemicals into food, soil or water. It is completely safe for your pet.

Will my cat like it?
Yes! Your cat will get used to it after the first or second massage session. A good massage stimulates the release of cytokines - a type of chemical that signals the brain to release endorphins, natural pain-relieving chemicals. This is why cats love the massaging that humans offer. If you can massage your cat well, he will start showing pleasure after some time.

Additional Information

  • The size may slightly differ due to hand measurement
  • Due to different lighting conditions used during product photography, the actual color of the product may be slightly different.