Fetchy Flying Discs


Some dogs are born athletes. If your pup is a Frisbee-freak, the best thing you can do to ensure pure joy of your four-legged friend is to gift her flying disc. Fetchy Flying Disc is a plastic flyer designed to help you engage your dog in fun and interactive play and useful physical activities. Some dogs have a penchant for retrieval and if you want to increase your dog’s stamina and energy, there’s no better way than training her in disc games. The rubber-made flying disc is an ideal summer or spring gift for your pet. Simply throw the Fetchy Flying Disc up in the air and watch your pup bringing it right back to you. Enjoy a fun time together. Happy Frisbee playing!

Key Benefits

  • New and high-quality product
  • Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic rubber
  • Flexible, bite-resistant and durable
  • Your pet can bite it firmly and easily
  • Bright colors make it easy for the dogs to track the disc
  • Lightweight and floatable

Package Includes

  • 1 x Rubber Flying Disc

Product Specifications

  • Colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple
  • Material: Eco-friendly rubber
  • Size: 5.9 inches/7 inches/8.6 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rubber is used?
Fetchy flying discs are made of moderately soft rubber.

How can I train my dog in disc games?
Dogs are by nature playful and energetic. You just need to show your dog how to retrieve the disc. It will instinctively follow the disc. Don’t forget to cheer your dog every time it brings back the disc.

What size is suitable for my dog?
We offer Fetchy Flying Discs in three different sizes. Choose a size depending on the type of your dog. If you are in doubt, contact our sales team.

Additional Information

  • Rugged toys
  • Color and size may vary