SafePet Car Seat Belt


We know you always put on a seat belt while traveling in or driving a car, but what about your four-legged co-passenger? SafePet Car Seat Belt is an innovative way to keep your furry co-passenger safe. Designed for all types of cars, the adjustable car seat belt for pets attaches the strap to the adjoining seat belt so that your dog can travel safely with you. The pet car seat belt is designed for ensured controlled mobility for your dog at the backseat. Not just the bright colors, but you will also love the click-and-buckle design and easy operations of the seat belt. Attach and fasten the seat belt within seconds and help your dog enjoy the journey together.

Key Benefits

  • Can be attached easily to any standard harness
  • Dog’s harness can be attached to the car seatbelt quite easily
  • Adjustable strap ensures controlled mobility
  • Made of durable fiber with click-and-buckle design
  • Prevents dog injuries or accidents

Package Includes

  • 1 x SafePEt Car Seat Belt

Product Specifications

  • Material: Fiber
  • Adjustable length: About 16.9-29.1 cm
  • Width: 0.98 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these seat belts safe for dogs?
These SafePet car seat belts were specifically designed for dogs, so if you can use them correctly, you can ensure complete safety of your dog. Read the user manual thoroughly before using it.

Do pet dogs need to be restricted in cars?
Some states have vague laws pertaining to ‘distracted driving’, which are applicable to pets that distract their owners/drivers. New Jersey requires all dogs in cars to wear a seat belt.

Additional Information

  • Two kinds of locks available
  • Color and size may slightly vary